Un-bee-lievable! Swarm of bees take over Jeep in California parking lot

WATCH ABOVE: A pair of co-workers teamed up on an unusual problem after a swarm of thousands of bees landed on a Jeep that was parked outside their workplace.

“It was pretty crazy.”

Matthew Clark was taking a break from his job in Chatsworth, Calif. last week when his boss alerted him to shut the doors to the business.

He had no idea until he saw it. “Imagine a cloud of bees, 50 feet wide,” he explained to KCBS, saying it resembled something like the plague.

While he was able to shut the doors to the business in time, a Jeep belonging to his co-worker, that was parked outside, wasn’t so lucky.

Most of the swarm took up residence on the Jeep.

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After contacting bee experts, they were told to give it an hour and they’ll eventually go away. But three hours later, the bees were still there.

One company said it would remove the bees for $250 dollars, but Jeep owner Neal Danielis took a pass.

Instead, they turned to the Internet where they found the idea of a soap and water spray. “You spray it on them and that temporarily paralyzes them,” Clark said.

Combined with a shop vac, Clark was able to remove most of the bees to another area of the parking lot. But approximately 1000 bees remained stuck to the interior of the Jeep.

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Danielis told KCBS that the remaining bees were crawling on him throughout his long ride home.

It might have been an even more difficult drive home, had it not been for his co-worker.

“He still owes me lunch,” Clark said with a laugh.

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