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A little about the Morning Show…

Dani grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan called Handel. She graduated w/3 other people  ALL HER COUSINS. True story. She has done radio all over Western Canada. Dani has called YEG her home since 2011. She loves the people, Oilers (even when they lose), restaurants and city!! On a day off you will find Dani listening to true crime podcasts, having a beer at a local pup (or 3) and just relaxing. Oh she will probably also have a FACE mask on she’s obsessed with those things!

Jay grew up on Vancouver Island but has lived in Edmonton for just over 3 years and is absolutely thrilled to call the City of Champions home! When he’s not listening to music he is usually reading about music and his favorite 80’s bands/artists so that he can share useless trivia with anyone that will listen to him. Like how Cher used to babysit Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis (who wouldn’t want to know that?). When he’s not working you can usually find him running along the river valley or spending time with the love of his life: His Ducati motorcycle (sorry Sonja)!


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Kelly Clarkson recently lost 20 pounds. A source tells OK! magazine; “She’s cut out soda and processed foods. Instead, she’s cooking healthier versions of her favorite Southern dishes so she can still enjoy the food she loves. She’s eating only half of what’s on her plate and saving the rest for lunch the next day. Kelly…

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